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Universal Motor Bike Tank Pad

Our 2020 Full Range Tank Pad Collection

From R 280.00

grim reaper tank pad

Grim Reaper 
Tank Pads

From R 305.00

customised tank pads

Custom Design
Tank Pads 

From R 300.00

retro design tank pads

Retro Design
Tank Pads

From R 310.00

honda tank pad

Honda Compatible Tank Pads

From R 290.00

kawasaki tank pad

Kawasaki Compatible Tank Pads

From R 290.00

suzuki tank pads

Suzuki Compatible Tank Pads

From R 290.00

Biker T shirts

Biker Design
T Shirts

From R 280.00

  • About Us

  • Over the years we designed and manufactured Tank Pads and Motor related products to our Client Specifications.
    We developed a range of Tank Pads which we supplied to Motor Cycle shops.

    We stopped manufacturing these products about 4 years ago because of the influx of inferior cheap Tank Pads which started to flood the market from the East.

    Our Clients learned over the last few years that these cheap products are not durable and sometimes damage the paint work when removed.

    Some of our Products on this website are designs which we have manufactured for Clients, Motor Cycle / Motor Accessories Shops and Clubs.

    Our products are manufactured of the highest quality ie, we only print on Roland Machines and use Poly Urethane Resin approved by the SABS.

    If you are a South African manufacturer of Motor Cycle products and Regalia, we will show case your products and sell it on our site.

    We Live Together, We Ride Together, Bikers For Life.

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    23 Lowestoft Street
    Paarden Eiland.
    Cape Town, South Africa.